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theridges 01-12-06 02:49

Stock C4D Tutorial
Labeled PSD File For Download Here

Zero 01-12-06 03:01

nice one ill try it soon

YFelis 01-12-06 08:44

Very nice tut....
I tried it an the result...

theridges 01-12-06 09:33

Thanks guys...

NonFiction 01-12-06 10:21

oo nice result yfelis....

rav009 01-12-06 11:38

Looks nice, thanks TR.

worst 31-12-06 16:06

i tryed this tut with this as an outcome:

Siguté 04-01-07 03:42

Awesome tut theridges, I liked it a lot. :) Great outcomes all.
Here is what I got:

Btw your current sigs look phantasitc :shocked: Hope to learn to make sth like this too. GJ

One V0ic 11-02-09 18:57

Nice.. and some of the outcomes they others are showing.. I have to try this tut

LexLuthor 26-03-09 02:40

hmm coolness, i totally failed at it, well i didnt, but yeah i dotn like mine lol

Panza13 02-04-09 00:11


xXNovakaineXx 26-04-09 01:15

lexluthor your's is an awesome sig and all of the outcomes were awesome as well i'll be looking into this tut you can bet on that nice tut ridges thanks.

Near 27-05-09 09:28

Nice tut , don't wanna show my outcome its so bad :<

Crysis 28-05-09 17:39

Here's my outcome. I don't have alot of c4d's to work with so yeah.

Cochise 16-02-10 04:30

Nice tut man, love it, First outcome wasn't so good, here's the 2nd one i tried

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