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GI Level Up System Information on our level system.

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Default Rank Rules and How to Progress - Updated 18/04/08


As you may or may not be aware but there is are secret sections on the forum. Containing a Designer SOTW, access to the designer downloads and more. You also get to be a fancy new rank

How do I progress you may ask, well its easier than you think.

You start of as a "New Member", then after 15 posts you will become level 0 and you can begin to level up. After 15 posts you will also be able to vote and post in the Battle Voting section.

Level 1 - Enter 2 SOTWs & Complete RaMarcus' Challenge (will be posted once you post the SOTWs).

Level 2 - Enter 2 DSOTW & 2 Level 1 Battle Arena Wins

Level 3 - Enter 4 DSOTW & Enter 4 SOTW & 3 Level 2 Battle Arena Wins

Level 4 - Enter 6 DSOTW & Enter 6 SOTW & 4 Level 3 Battle Arena Wins

Level 5 - Enter 10 DSOTW & Enter 10 SOTW & 5 Level 4 Battle Arena Wins & 1 Top 3 spot in SOTW or DSOTW

Level 6 - Enter 12 DSOTW & Enter 12 SOTW & 6 Level 5 Battle Arena Wins & 2 Top 3 Spot in SOTW or DSOTW

Level 7 - Enter 15 DSOTW & Enter 15 SOTW & 7 Level 6 Battle Arena Wins & 3 Top 3 Spots in SOTW or DSOTW

Level 8 - Enter 20 DSOTW & Enter 20 SOTW & 8 Level 7 Battle Arena Wins & Win one SOTW or DSOTW

Level 9 - Enter 25 DSOTW & Enter 25 SOTW & 9 Level 8 Battle Arena Wins & Win a SOTW & DSOTW

Level. 10 - Enter 30 DSOTW & Enter 30 SOTW & 10 Level 9 Battle Arena Wins & Beat 5 different MODs + 1 Admin in battles on top of this when at level 8 or above & Win 5 total SOTW or DSOTW

Everything is on a rolling count unless stated otherwise. So SOTW/DSOTW top spots and entries are from the day you joined.

Team and tournament battle wins etc do not count as battle arena wins.

Keeping track of all of these wins etc is down to you, but for your request to be accepted you need to display the information in this order. Copy the format below and paste it into a new thread with your name as the title. I would suggest updating your post as and when you achieve a goal to save you time. Your first post will end up being massive at level 10 but it will be something to be proud of

Make sure you make a new post in your thread saying what level your ready for so its bumped and I will see it.

Originally Posted by Level Up Tracker
Level 1 Battle Wins
- Link

Level 2 Battle Wins
- Link

Level 3 Battle Wins
- Link

Level 4 Battle Wins
- Link

Level 5 Battle Wins
- Link

Level 6 Battle Wins
- Link

Level 7 Battle Wins
- Link

Level 8 Battle Wins
- Link

Level 9 Battle Wins
- Link

Level 10 Battle Wins
- Link

SOTW 1st Places
- Link
SOTW 2nd Places
- Link
SOTW 3rd Places
- Link

DSOTW 1st Places
- Link
DSOTW 2nd Places
- Link
DSOTW 3rd Places
- Link

MOD/Admin Battle Wins
- Link

SOTW Entries
- Link

DSOTW Entries
- Link
Please note that your level up requests should be answered within 48hrs but don't start chasing us if its a little longer (more than 3 days and it might of been missed so bump your thread). We run this site as a hobby and hope you appreciate our time and efforts.
We will ignore you for 24hrs if you start chasing us straight away!

Inactive users will be re-set to lv.0 after 30 days. Your rank will be re-instated if you enter another SOTW but you must post back in your thread to confirm this.

I hope you enjoy your stay and enjoy battling each other. Good luck

RaMarcus says "Woot!"
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