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Designer Signature of the Week DSOTW for level 1+ GI Designers.

Closed Thread
Old 29-02-12, 20:26   #1

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Default DSOTW: No145 Entry

This was one of my favorite themes back in the day. Make sure to read the rules, because I WILL be DQing people this week if rules are broken

If you haven't yet, visit this thread for some general DSOTW information: DSOTW - Rules and Information

This week's theme is: Alternate Video Game Cover

Unlike SOTW, the rules below may change each week, so pay attention to them!
Size: Minimum - 300x400
Theme:"Alternate Video Game Cover"
Animation: Not Allowed
Must clearly contain your current forum username.
One entry per designer.
No pre-mades.
For this week, your piece does NOT need to be completely made from scratch.

Special Notes: For this week if you submit a cover that already exists, or looks like not enough effort was put into it, you will be DQ'd. Also, the cover MUST be an alternate for an actual game, you cannot create something and say that it's a cover for a made up game.

Closing Date is Wednesday, March 7th, 2012 at 9:00PM GMT

Post only your entries in this thread, keep discussion to the DSOTW: No145 Chat Thread

Good luck, and lets see some creative entries!

Think a tutorial of one of your signatures would be useful for the community but don't want to make it yourself? Let me make it for free!

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Re: DSOTW: No145 Entry
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Re: DSOTW: No145 Entry
Old 05-03-12, 06:03   #3
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pretty basic but i didnt have much time

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Re: DSOTW: No145 Entry
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only 2 entries O_0


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noobish as i m working on
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Re: DSOTW: No145 Entry
Old 06-03-12, 04:52   #5
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Tutorial 1 
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mine is horrible.. haha

^Made by me^

^thanks Cartman

^Made by me^

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Re: DSOTW: No145 Entry
Old 06-03-12, 06:37   #6
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The original covers were pretty plain anyways...

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Re: DSOTW: No145 Entry
Old 08-03-12, 03:33   #7
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DQ- Not a real game

^^^^^^Thanks Everyone
W-138 L-108 T-8
SOTW Wins:

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