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Posted 08-03-08 at 22:16 by RaMarcus
Updated 09-03-08 at 10:22 by RaMarcus

Have you tried it? Horses? Dogs? Cards? Roulette? Football?

I have and I can assure you it's just as dangerous as it is exciting. I'm not going to tell you a tale of addiction as I've never been there but I can definatly see why people do get addicted.

A couple of weeks ago I went to the dogs at swindon, kind of a works night out. I took £100 just in case and bet on every race, didn't win a penny, good job I only wasted £30 of it though.

As soon as I got home I logged on and signed up to a bookies (Ladbrookes) and carried on betting, only adding £20 and losing about £15 but winning £5, leaving me with £10.

It may sound strange but I felt like I could so easily get carried away after just losing £50. I have a very addictive personality and once I get something in my head, I obsess and can't put it down. Needless to say I just left my £10 credit on there and it was left there until today...

I remembered it was there this morning and though "sod it, I will put it all on one bet and if I lose that's me done", I put it on the Chelsea FA cup match today against Barnsley, 10/1 for Chelsea to get beat. Barnsley had already knocked Liverpool out in the last round and surely they couldn't do it to Chelsea as well?

They did, 1-0, there me watching the match and feeling so much more interested and engrossed in it. It was tense stuff, I was just waiting for Chelsea to get a late goal and take my tenner.

£110 in bank, thank you very much. Now I've won my overall betting £50 back twice over, I'm up and you would think I would want to bet again. 50 notes might not sound much but I really shouldn't of bet it in the first place, maybe that added to the thrill. Although, strangely I'm not that interested anymore, I've had my thrill and I'm happy I can leave it on a win...

I'm only spending some of this on myself, I fancy a copy of Bully on the 360, the rest can go on Ethan and Lindsey (she's always watching Gemstv! so I'm sure she can spend it).

I'm not saying I will never logon to Ladbookes again but I think I've statisfied my interest and anymore betting will be just for fun... there's always online bingo if I have the urge!
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Chris's Avatar
Well congrats on being able to quit while you were ahead.
I know I wouldn't be able to.
Posted 10-03-08 at 03:07 by Chris Chris is offline
LickThePaint's Avatar
First up:
HOLY SHIT! Swindon exists to non-Wiltshire folk? lol

And secondly, GJ on the win
Wish I'd put some money on pompie at the start I was gonna but I'd have had to borrow it off my dad... Ah well, so long as they win I'm happy
Posted 12-03-08 at 21:59 by LickThePaint LickThePaint is offline
Baz's Avatar
Congrats Marc, i only bet on the grand national but its a great experience, came second this year =D

Chriz ~ Looks like you'll be happy today, pompey did win
Posted 17-05-08 at 19:41 by Baz Baz is offline
RaMarcus's Avatar
Only gambling I do now is the Lotto, safer
Posted 18-05-08 at 15:04 by RaMarcus RaMarcus is offline
Renebitch's Avatar
yes. i gambled my whole life away when i was a baby.
Posted 26-08-08 at 20:19 by Renebitch Renebitch is offline
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