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Little man isn't so little anymore...

Posted 25-02-10 at 21:25 by RaMarcus

Boxing day photo at Grandads... with another train...

He was 2 years old on New Years Eve, boy does time fly...

It's been a mad 2 years, it doesn't seem like yesterday that he couldn't roll over and now his doing everything, even when he shouldn't!

At the moment his mad on Thomas the Tank Engine (might make a post on this later)...
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Ethan is now 11 months old!

Posted 29-11-08 at 22:50 by RaMarcus
This year has flown by, it's not even funny. It seems only yesterday that I was going back and forth to the hospital to see Ethan when he was born (nothing wrong, better safe than sorry).

11 months on and his starting to walk, when I say starting, sometimes he seems to have it sussed, others he just dives at you when his near! He is into everything and is becoming quite crafty, there is no fooling him now, if you have something to eat he will find it... he loves Kitkats!
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Ethan - Now almost 7 months old!

Posted 26-07-08 at 09:09 by RaMarcus
Updated 26-07-08 at 18:50 by RaMarcus

If you can believe it, it's been almost 7 months since Ethan made his way into this world.

His becoming a right little character now, he can sit up, soldier craw and pulls the funniest faces, kids are great. He even sleeps through the night (actually slept from 9pm to 8am last night!).

He has no teeth yet so we have that to look forward too, should mean a few...
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Updating GI

Posted 18-05-08 at 13:37 by RaMarcus
Updated 27-05-11 at 12:01 by RaMarcus
Time to tell the tale of GI's upgrade and style change. I will assume you know nothing about how GI is created and what software (scripts) it runs on.

Where to start? GI runs on a script called Vbulletin, it's a paid for forum software that is proffesionally supported and has lots of great features that you just don't get in free software. You can check out the pricing HERE, it's not cheap but it's worth it (cheaper than Invision Power board though!).

Vbulletin release...
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Posted 08-03-08 at 22:16 by RaMarcus
Updated 09-03-08 at 10:22 by RaMarcus

Have you tried it? Horses? Dogs? Cards? Roulette? Football?

I have and I can assure you it's just as dangerous as it is exciting. I'm not going to tell you a tale of addiction as I've never been there but I can definatly see why people do get addicted.

A couple of weeks ago I went to the dogs at swindon, kind of a works night out. I took £100 just in case and bet on every race, didn't...
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