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Advanced Looking for something a bit special or to learn some advanced techniques?

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Default Demo Sprite Tutorial

Another tutorial that I made during the break:


tut link:
demo sprite tutorial


Originally Posted by AxEffect View Post
cool. glass made a fuckin sig. i shit myself.
Originally Posted by toxic avenger View Post
If you need good music, ask magic or glass, period.

Glass says "do you have any more gum?"
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Last edited by Glass; 21-09-11 at 18:42
Re: Demo Sprite Tutorial
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Thanx, I've never tried a sprite sig before.
Here's my try:

Except I used the pen tool, I got skillz like that.
Still learning

Originally Posted by Cartman View Post
Just gotta keep working.
--> Never Forget
Originally Posted by Hate View Post
I think it looks pretty good, but the text seems out of place to me.

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Re: Demo Sprite Tutorial
Old 23-01-12, 01:21   #3

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Think a tutorial of one of your signatures would be useful for the community but don't want to make it yourself? Let me make it for free!

No Status Update: Away creating my next GFX masterpiece!
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Re: Demo Sprite Tutorial
Old 23-01-12, 01:35   #4
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the over exposures actual make it look lik the sprite is break dancing nice one cartman


legendarycouncil says "nothing"
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Re: Demo Sprite Tutorial
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well shiiiiiiiiiit cartman :

Shapes says "lurk err day"
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Re: Demo Sprite Tutorial
Old 23-01-12, 14:39   #6
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Considering it is Duck King. I'm not surprised he is danging to the neon colors.

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Re: Demo Sprite Tutorial
Old 31-03-12, 05:35   #7
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My attempt:

No Status Update: Away creating my next GFX masterpiece!
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