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Team Tourney Final Stage Info
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Default Team Tourney Final Stage Info

So if I counted my votes right, from Group A the advancing teams are Team Toxic with 5 points, and Team Wiki with 11 points.
As for Group B, we have Team Legendary with 9 points as well as Team Raxby with 9 points.

For the semifinal, I want each team's captain to send me a PM with a theme they would want one of the other teams to do. It would be best if you would send me more than one so I can choose from the list so that it's even if one of the teams decides to be a bit meaner than the other. Themes can be anything from colors, ideas, styles, stocks, renders, etc.
You have until Friday to PM me those ideas.

The competition will be a simple 3 person tag wall. I will announce the deadline once I have the themes on Friday.

Have fun

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