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Default Become an Inn Supporter

We already have a few paid for "hacks" (officalling they're called Mods not hacks) and they need updating too, VBseo which helps our search rankings and the render gallery is a paid hack as well. I'm sure we could add more, it just makes updating to the latest VB more of hassle each time when we have to bug test and implement templates changes etc.

So far in GI's 3 1/2 year life, 36 people have donated $5 to GI, which makes $180. Hosting is only 10 per month so that only makes me $230 down overall (not including other costs). Technically you could say it's almost made the hosting half price!

As I've said, it's not like we really need the cash or anything. I'm just throwing this out there if people can and would like to donate

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