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Default Become an Inn Supporter

Originally Posted by RaMarcus View Post
For a start VB is a whole version out of date, that's 33 on it's own. General hosting and domain costs are obvious, any other updates would be the renewal on certain features, it would also be nice to give the site another restyle and freshen it up
What.. Again a restyle? The brown lastes waaaaaay longer than his one, if you ask me this one still is fresh and new
I think instead of refreshing you should look more into hacks (don't worry you silly guize, this is vb terms for mods for the forum).

Also, werent hosting and domain costs 5usd a month and domein cost.. wuts that 1$ a year?

Originally Posted by RaMarcus View Post
I understand that some, if not most cannot donate for various reasons and I'm not asking everyone to. If you can afford it, it will be used to maintain the Inn but it's not like GI will close without it.

However, if you can't afford it, spread the good word of GI and get involved in the site activities to help the community grow, worth more than money that
I'll look into to actually donating this time, I can spare some cash
I want tracking records of where my moneyz go to tho!
Lemme see how I can set this up, or i'll simply ask my folks (this is gonna suck but whatever) if they can creditcard it to you and i'll pay them.

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